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Cookies are used for

  • Google Analytics web statistics
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  • CloudFlare security services.
  • Keeping the cookie notification bar hidden.

Google Adsense and Analytics

This site and the information on it is free for anyone to use. Even though I spend considerable amounts of time to create the content on the site I’m not charging anything for it. Rather, I’m actually paying for the domain name and the hosting. To cover those expenses I use Google Adsense. I also use Google Analytics to track what content is used the most and visitor behaviour. There is no way for me to identify individual visitors, but I can see the number of recurring vs. first time visitors. The feedback provided by the analytics is important to me, to know what content is popular (that I should write more of) and what nobody is reading. Both Adsense and Analytics uses cookies.

CloudFlare Security

The entire site is served through CloudFlare’s network. It provides security services as well as a globally distributed cache of content. The most important reason for me to use it though is that it gives me TLS on the administration pages without costing a fortune. As part of that security solution, a cookie is used.

The Cookie Notification Bar

It is a requirement by EU law to show a cookie consent warning on any site that uses cookies. There is now a cookie warning bar appearing at the bottom of the screen. When hitting the “Got It” button to get rid of it, a cookie (ahh, the irony) is stored to keep the bar hidden on subsequent visits.

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