Anders Abel

I am Anders Abel, a senior software development consultant in Stockholm, Sweden and a former Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies. I was first introduced to programming when I was 9 and was with my father at his work. He was a teacher and at the time he was teaching a maths class. One of the assignments in the maths book was some BASIC programming tasks. When some of the students went to the computer classroom, I was allowed to join them (probably a way for my father to stop me from talking too much in the classroom). I still remember the feeling of the dark, somewhat cramped room.

I started writing on the first task and got caught by the art of coding. Since that day coding is not just an interest, it is a passion. When I had the chance to use my neighbour’s Commodore 64 computer I preferred writing BASIC programs over the games. When we got our first PC at home, I got easier access to programming and learnt Turbo Pascal, C, C++, X86 assembly and more. When it was time to chose what to study at university I of course chose a software engineering program.

In this blog I share my experience of coding and professional software projects. During more than 20 years of coding I have written a lot code, some good and some that is ehhmm… ugly. If I can save someone else from the mistakes and misunderstandings that made me write the ugly code, I have repayed some of all the help I have got from friends, teachers, colleagues and other bloggers.

Presently I work as an independent consultant within software development in Stockholm, Sweden. I focus mostly on Identity and Access Management, but also do general system architecture and development. In my spare time I spend some time at Stack Overflow answering questions. It is a great way to get a broader perspective of what is going on in the world of coding.