Code Generation – Blessing or Curse?

There are lot of code generation tools available. Microsoft Visual Studio has had code generation possibilities since I started using it in the mid 90-ties. Code generation can be a blessing for getting something up and running quickly, but also a curse when maintaining code. Whenever a code generation tool is considered, there are two… Continue reading Code Generation – Blessing or Curse?

Keep It Simple – Use LINQ to SQL

One of the fundamental truths of coding is the Kiss Principle. I think that using LINQ to SQL for data access is a splendid example of applying the Kiss Principle. It is easy to get started with and efficient to work with.

Design Patterns in the Wild

Design patterns are often presented as standard solutions that can be used to commonly occurring problems. I think that it is equally important to be able to recognize patterns in existing code. Being able to identify a pattern helps understanding the code better. It also helps rising the abstraction level. It can be used to… Continue reading Design Patterns in the Wild