One Year of Passion

Exactly one year ago I created this blog and published the Design Patterns in the Wild post. My intention was (and is) to share both technical details and general project experiences. To keep the subjects somewhat aligned I try to make sure that all posts are interesting for a .NET developer working on software projects.

When I first started I had no idea of how many visitors it would be realistic to expect. With statistics for a few months collected I set out a  rather bold goal: 36 000 visitors in one year. At least I thought it was bold back then. Now, when one year has passed, the actual numbers are 268 199 visitors, viewing 507 199 pages.

Lunch Company Lottery

I sent out an e-mail to the entire office (170 people) a couple of weeks ago:

Are you back in the same old lunch habits, with the same people as always after the vacations? Take the chance to break of the habit and get to know a new colleague! You just have to accept this invitation to participate in the raffle for lunch company. Guaranteed prize every time for all participants: a lunch with a colleague at Kentor.

I know that there are many interesting people working at my office, that I never get the chance to know because we work in different teams and projects. As a consultancy company where new teams are formed for each project, it is a great advantage to know what colleagues are possible candidates for different assignments. To get to know someone new and encourage internal networking I arranged a lunch company lottery.

I sent out the mail above and then randomly combined those who accepted into pairs and sent out a list. The feedback I’ve got is that those participating really enjoyed the lunch and that some new cross team contacts were established.

What a nice lunch! :-) I’d like to participate again.
Thanks for a good initiative.

You’re fantastic that have fixed this :-) Not just thought of it, but actually done it and created a lottery with possibilities to internal networking, I really like it!

Great initiative!

I will definitely arrange more of those lotteries in the future as a way to learn to know more of my Kentor colleagues. Try you too – it’s just to send out a mail, and a few minutes in excel to arrange the list.

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Passion for Coding – So Far

It’s now eight months since I started this programming blog, with the Design Patterns in the Wild post. So far I’ve published 73 posts on various topics. I started out just fine, then fell behind in posting during the holidays seasons. When I got back from my vacation I got back into posting occasionally. In February I found the right posting schedule for me, which is two posts a week.

I now post regularly on Mondays and Thursdays. The Monday posts are hands on technical issues with code samples in C#, SQL or JavaScript. The Thursday posts are about software development in general. Even though the subjects varies from in depth technical details to general software project experiences I think that most posts should be interesting to professional .NET developers.

The number of visitors have been increasing every month and are now up to about 500 visits a day with about 1000 daily page views. I think I’ve got about 100 RSS subscribers (There are 45 subscribers through Google Reader alone). I’ve had visitors from nearly 150 countries around the world.

Introducing Ads

Since I started this blog about six months ago the number of visitors has grown for each month. I now have about the same number of weekly visitors as I used to have per month. Geographically there are readers from all over the world. There have been visitors from  about 100 different countries.

I’m of course glad that there are people out there actually reading and commenting on my posts. Without visitors, blogging would be really boring. The visitor numbers also means that the time has come when there’s a chance to get some income from ads.

I’m trying out Google Adsense and have tried to place the ads to be non-intrusive, while still visible. I’ve also tried to keep the ads away from my regular readers by not showing ads on fresh posts. The RSS feed is of course completely ad free for all posts.

If you have any feedback on the ads, please don’t hesitate to drop me a mail or leave a comment to this post.

Happy 3 million questions Stack Overflow!

My favorite source of inspiration and knowledge on the Internet, Stack Overflow has passed a major landmark: 3 000 000 questions. If anyone has missed it, Stack Overflow is the largest question and answer site on the Internet for programmers.

To me, Stack Overflow is a major source of inspiration and knowledge. It’s far too easy to get deeply absorbed by the technologies and problems of the current project and loose perspective. At Stack Overflow, there’s always a fresh set of questions, in a variety of areas, that help me keep up to date, or learn new things.

The power of Stack Overflow is the help available on seemingly impossible problems. A few months ago I had a problem with an import routine developed for a customer. When debugging I found out that the text files received from the customer had very peculiar line breaks: 0D 0D 0A. Different operating systems have had different conventions for line breaks, but I’ve never heard of the 0D 0D 0A pattern. I turned to Stack Overflow for help, asking a question.

Four minutes later I had a detailed answer. It’s the result of a known bug in Windows XP notepad. Without Stack Overflow I would probably still be searching for a solution.

If you have a problem – try asking a question there.

To get good help, you have to put some effort into your question. Please be aware that the people like me that are answering questions are doing it in our free time, for the fun of it. You can ask, but not demand help. Make an effort to be as clear as possible on what your problem is. That will help you get answers to your actual problem. If you put some effort into your question, the community will put effort into helping you.

See you at Stack Overflow next time you have a question!

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