One Year of Passion

Exactly one year ago I created this blog and published the Design Patterns in the Wild post. My intention was (and is) to share both technical details and general project experiences. To keep the subjects somewhat aligned I try to make sure that all posts are interesting for a .NET developer working on software projects.… Continue reading One Year of Passion

Lunch Company Lottery

I sent out an e-mail to the entire office (170 people) a couple of weeks ago: Are you back in the same old lunch habits, with the same people as always after the vacations? Take the chance to break of the habit and get to know a new colleague! You just have to accept this… Continue reading Lunch Company Lottery

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Introducing Ads

Since I started this blog about six months ago the number of visitors has grown for each month. I now have about the same number of weekly visitors as I used to have per month. Geographically there are readers from all over the world. There have been visitors from  about 100 different countries. I’m of… Continue reading Introducing Ads

Happy 3 million questions Stack Overflow!

My favorite source of inspiration and knowledge on the Internet, Stack Overflow has passed a major landmark: 3 000 000 questions. If anyone has missed it, Stack Overflow is the largest question and answer site on the Internet for programmers. To me, Stack Overflow is a major source of inspiration and knowledge. It’s far too easy to… Continue reading Happy 3 million questions Stack Overflow!