One Year of Passion

Exactly one year ago I created this blog and published the Design Patterns in the Wild post. My intention was (and is) to share both technical details and general project experiences. To keep the subjects somewhat aligned I try to make sure that all posts are interesting for a .NET developer working on software projects.

When I first started I had no idea of how many visitors it would be realistic to expect. With statistics for a few months collected I set out a  rather bold goal: 36 000 visitors in one year. At least I thought it was bold back then. Now, when one year has passed, the actual numbers are 268 199 visitors, viewing 507 199 pages.

I’m just overwhelmed by the amount of visitors (see detailed statistics in the table further down). I just want to thank you all for reading my entries and commenting on them. Also I would to send a special thank to DZone for admitting me as one of their Most Valuable Bloggers. The republishing of my posts over there just passed 200 000 page views today.

As some of you might have noticed, my posting frequency have been been unusual slow the last few months. The reason is a major building project at home, that’s taken all of my spare time, leaving no time for writing. The project has undergone a number of phases, not very different from a software project:

  1. Bug Report: There’s something spooky to that wall, it’s leaning. Half of the roof is resting on that wall, so its structural integrity is important. We’d better check this up.
  2. Debugging: The lower part of the wall is falling a part.
  3. Refactoring plan: Let’s stabilize the wall with new beams.
  4. More of a mess than anticipated: The base of the wall suffers of severe wood decay. The entire wall has to bee rebuilt.
  5. Schedule overrun: Demolition takes more time than anticipated. 25 metric tons of concrete and gravel was removed.
  6. Budget overrun: A schedule overrun caused by more work inevitably causes a budget overrun.
  7. Project fatigue: We should have been finished by now, but there’s still a lot left… (that’s where we are right now).

Fortunately the worst phase is over, so I hope I will get some more time for writing. At work I’m just finishing my first ASP.NET MVC / EF Code First project and have a lot of experiences to share (both technical and organizational).


In the Passion for Coding – So Far post I shared some statistics. Here’s an updated table, with numbers until today. As you can see October was a great month, with 7th of October having 49 214 visits in a single day. That was the day when my Programmer Time Translation Table hit the first page of Reddit and Hacker News on the same time.

Server Logs Google Analytics
Month Visits Page Views Visits Page Views
November 116 771 N/A N/A
December 1190 3005 N/A N/A
January 1245 3002 N/A N/A
February 2336 4899 189 400
March 3934 8518 693 1273
April 7768 16547 1977 3075
May 9964 22316 2877 3889
June 34447 73808 20970 25630
July 15713 31857 4971 6578
August 23482 44868 6330 8455
September 22459 39933 6466 9226
October 121348 206896 78906 89065
November (so far) 24197 50779 6886 9076
Totals 268199 507199
130265 156667
Dzone Page Views 200082
Totals, including Dzone 707281
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