Being a Dad in Sweden

I’ve not written anything here for more than a month and I’d like to make a short off-topic post to explain why. In the end of May our third kid arrived to the family. He’s a healthy little boy, but even though he’s still small, he’s wreaked havoc to my ability to plan my time.… Continue reading Being a Dad in Sweden

Writing A WordPress Theme with Bootstrap 3

I took the redesign of Passion for Coding as an opportunity to learn Twitter Bootstrap and also to learn som PHP by writing a WordPress theme. Bootstrap is Awesome Working with Bootstrap is totally awesome. For the first time when doing web page layout I didn’t have divs jumping around all over the place with… Continue reading Writing A WordPress Theme with Bootstrap 3

Redesign of Passion for Coding

Welcome to the redesigned Passion for Coding! While the design probably looks familiar, there are some changes. The old theme was a child theme to the WordPress standard twenty eleven theme. This new theme however is a brand new theme I’ve written specifically for Passion for Coding. It uses Bootstrap 3 and is fully responsive.… Continue reading Redesign of Passion for Coding

Two Years of Passion

It’s now two years since I started the Passion for Coding blog. I’d like to share a few thoughts about blogging and also say a big THANK YOU to everyone reading and commenting and sharing my posts. It is strange to know that my writing now reaches to almost every country in the world –… Continue reading Two Years of Passion