Redesign of Passion for Coding

Welcome to the redesigned Passion for Coding!

While the design probably looks familiar, there are some changes. The old theme was a child theme to the WordPress standard twenty eleven theme. This new theme however is a brand new theme I’ve written specifically for Passion for Coding. It uses Bootstrap 3 and is fully responsive. I do quite a bit of my own reading of blogs when riding the train to the office, having only a small phone screen to read on so I know how important it can be to provide a good mobile experience and now I (finally) do that myself.

I’ve also decided to go back to Google Adsense for advertising trying their responsive ads. I know that ads are never popular, but if I create the content and pay for the hosting, then I think it’s fair that there are some ads.

I decided to write the theme myself starting with nothing, in order to learn Bootstrap, PHP and WordPress. It has sometimes been challenging, but it’s always very valuable to dig into a new language or platform to learn and I’ve definitely learnt a lot. I will share some details in a separate post later.

For now, I hope that the new design offers a better reading experience. If you experience any problems with the site, please leave a comment or drop me a mail/tweet to let me know.

  • Albin Sunnanbo on 2014-01-08

    Wow, it is blazingly fast now!

    However I miss a really simple title only overview list when viewing lots of articles, like a large tag: or a large month archive like you need to page through “older posts” buttons to find the post you are looking for.

  • Anders Abel on 2014-01-10

    Thanks for your feedback,

    I’ve thought quite a bit about navigation and how to find old posts. To be honest I’ve nearly given up. By now, there are 145 published posts on the blog and creating a good navigation structure for them is hard.

    I’ll give it try though with a more compact style on the archive pages where only the heading and a short excerpt is shown for each and the number of posts displayed on one page is increased from the current limit of 5.

    What do you think about search? Is that something that I should spend time on adding?

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