Writing A WordPress Theme with Bootstrap 3

I took the redesign of Passion for Coding as an opportunity to learn Twitter Bootstrap and also to learn som PHP by writing a WordPress theme.

Bootstrap is Awesome

Working with Bootstrap is totally awesome. For the first time when doing web page layout I didn’t have divs jumping around all over the place with a minor change in one place wreaking havoc to the entire layout.

I had no intentions to create any graphically exciting design. Actually I was quite happy with the clean simple layout I had before – until I opened it on a tablet or even worse on smartphone. So what I wanted was a simple, clean layout that set focus on the content and works fine for reading on all kinds of devices.

Leaving C# (for a while) to Try PHP

To fit in as a .NET/C# Dev I should never use the word PHP (except when cursing). But I want to learn, to know more so I decided to give PHP a try. There are numerous of big, wellknown applications written in PHP so it cannot be that bad, can it?

As a matter of fact, my blog is powered by WordPress which is written in PHP. From a user perspective I think that WordPress works fine. The basic functionality for editing and handling posts, comments and images works great. There are themes for customizations and plugins fore extensions. So I decided that it was time to dive in under the hood and learn more about WordPress and PHP.

In this post I will focus on PHP as a language and platform and skip over the WordPress details.

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