Sample Code now on GitHub

All the code samples on this blog have been tested and run before publishing. The sample code is now available on GitHub.

Most of the time when I write code for the blog I do that in a number of test projects that I do have. So far I’ve kept them in an svn repo, but the time has come to move on so I’ve now pushed all the test code to a public GitHub Repo. I do try to keep the code samples in the posts complete, but sometimes it is simply not possible to add all the supporting code needed to the post itself. Now everything is available to use in the repo.

The code that is intended for reuse is mostly located in the CodingAbelNu.Utilities library. I started it out with the intention that it should be a nice-to-have utility library that could get released separately. I don’t think that I’m there yet, but feel free to use it as it is.

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