Being a Dad in Sweden

I’ve not written anything here for more than a month and I’d like to make a short off-topic post to explain why. In the end of May our third kid arrived to the family. He’s a healthy little boy, but even though he’s still small, he’s wreaked havoc to my ability to plan my time.… Continue reading Being a Dad in Sweden

On Call for Papers

It’s call for papers season and I’m preparing abstracts and sending them off hoping that I’ll be accepted with my talks. What surprises me is how huge quality difference there is between different conferences in their call for papers (CFP). It’s basically anything ranging from very detailed information to a mailto: link. I still have… Continue reading On Call for Papers

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A Geek’s Nightmare

Last night I woke up after a night mare. A nightmare containing a future, “improved” version of powershell a competing blogger and Entity Framework Migrations. Slightly off topic, but I’ll share it anyway. I am back at NDC in Oslo as a speaker. Not this year’s NDC, but next year’s. The room is already filled… Continue reading A Geek’s Nightmare

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