Agile is not Unplanned

Agile focus on flexibility and the ability to change directions during the project, but it is not the same as working unplanned and rushing to do anything that comes up. For some people new to agile methodologies, this might be a bit of a surprise. An experienced project manager, that at the time was new… Continue reading Agile is not Unplanned

Programmer Time Translation Table

An experienced project manager I used to work with claimed that he took the programmers’ time estimates, multiplied by pi and converted to the next time magnitude to get the true number. 1 day converts to 3.14 weeks. He had learned the hard way that programmers are bad at estimating times. To get a more… Continue reading Programmer Time Translation Table

Scrum and the Business Implementation

In my latest post in the Scrum series I finalized the picture of the parts required to produce a shippable product. However, the project doesn’t end there. One more step is requried and it is the business implementation of the system. In the consultancy business where I work we develop custom systems for customers, to… Continue reading Scrum and the Business Implementation

Features are Unimplemented By Default

Why does system X not include feature Y? That is quite a common question. I think that Eric Lippert has en excellent standard answer to that kind of questions on C# at Stack Overflow. Features are unimplemented by default; C# does not have that feature because no one designed, implemented and shipped the feature to customers. Being… Continue reading Features are Unimplemented By Default